Explore Your Soul & Your Past Existence

Through past life regressions and trauma releases, life between lives, healing, and soul communication you will understand the purpose of your life and why you chose this life. We will easily work on the soul level, incorporating your body, mind and soul. Integrate your soul's wisdom and knowledge with your current life.

Past Life Regression

If you are curious about the possibility of having had past lives, or feel connected to something you feel might be a past life, contact AmberLight Hypnosis, LLC, to discuss past life regression. In past life regression, hypnosis is used to regress the client to earlier times, memories, or lives that your soul has experienced in order to see what might come up. Past Life Regression can be useful in the therapy aspect as well, treating different needs.

Soul Key Therapy

Soul Key Therapy is, by far, the strongest and most advanced tool for soul development, insight, and understanding. Amber's specialty is Past Life Regression and specializes in this therapeutic method, which works on the soul level. Soul Key Therapy sessions last three to four hours. It is encouraged that the client make a list of people that they are close to in this life or have had a large influence on them at some point in their life, to be brought to the session. Amber is the only Certified SoulKey Therapist in the Pacific Northwest.  NOTE** Past Life Regression is a pre-requisite before Soul Key Therapy.

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Past Lives Regression

The Documentary above is a collection from many different world wide past life regression hypnotists calling on their experience with past life regression, including Amber Light! 


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